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Mission / CSR

Mission Statement / CSR

We aim to transform the way individuals and businesses think about choosing products – and work to ensure that the provision of this information contributes to wider awareness, better-informed buyers and sound purchasing decisions that save energy and money. 


We empower individuals and businesses with information so they can decide how best to integrate sustainable approaches into their daily lives.


We believe product manufacturers and service providers should be transparent about the full environmental impacts of their products, and work to minimize these impacts over time.    As a new generation of consumers increasingly demands this information, product and service providers need to play a key role in educating consumers and creating more environmentally friendly options.


We strive to live by our values - Trust, Education, Science based decision-making, Stakeholder consultation and Transparency (TESST). We rely on these values to guide decision-making.  In circumstances where we have two financially comparable alternatives, we will attempt to choose the option that aligns with most of our values (TESST).


We aim to continuously improve our operations to better deliver our mission in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.  We do this by mapping our environmental impact and putting plans in place to reduce negatives and increase positives.  Wherever feasible we use independent certifications to objectively assess and report on our efforts, progress and challenges. These certifications and reports are made available to the public.


Montgomery County Maryland Green Business Certification

Maryland Green Registry Certification

Savenia Labs Environmental Policy

Savenia Labs Environmental Impact Assessment - Summary

Certified B (Benefit) Corporation Report Card

Reznick Group Data Audit Report Summary