Savenia Ratings Increase Solar Conversion in Pilot Study!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.38.53 PMToday we are happy to announce some exciting new results from a pilot study assessing the impact of Savenia Solar Ratings on prospective solar customers.

The study, implemented in collaboration with the community organization Bethesda Green, demonstrated Savenia Solar Ratings increased interest in purchasing a new solar system, increased trust in solar proposals and increased willingness to recommend solar to friends and family. Find the full release here.

Potential solar customers were much more likely to go solar when a Savenia Solar Rating accompanied the solar proposal. When given the opportunity to name top concerns, respondents with the Savenia rating were far less likely to mention ‘solar home future sale’ and ‘solar panel obsolescence’ than the group that did not receive one. These two issues were some of the most common negatives volunteered by respondents when presented with the non-Savenia solar proposal.

Savenia is now signing up partners nationwide to bring the power of Savenia Solar Ratings into the proposal process. Interested partners can request more information at

Savenia Labs Wins Maryland Incubator Company of the Year


We’re delighted to announce that Savenia Labs was awarded Maryland Incubator Company of the Year in the Best Environment / Energy Company category, a prize that acknowledges Maryland’s best performers from the state’s extensive network of business incubators. Press release is here.

PrintFounded in the Bethesda Green incubator, Savenia Labs’ has revolutionized shopping with innovative energy ratings outlining appliance lifetime energy costs and environmental impact.

“We accept this award with great appreciation for the support we have received from the local community, including Bethesda Green, University of Maryland, Strosniders Hardware, A Few Cool Hardware Stores, Twins Ace Hardware, Cohn-Reznick and many other partners, advisors and advocates” said John Jabara, founder of Savenia Labs. “We have many more developments in store to fulfill our mission of transforming the way people think about choosing products”.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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Savenia Labs Turns 4 Years Old!


Savenia Labs was started 4 years ago to provide energy and environmental impact information to shoppers so they could make better and more informed decisions.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.57.00 AMIn the last year the company has grown the number of rated product categories from 3 to 10, and now has 650+ products in the ratings database.  We have also grown the number of retail store partners using our Energy Rating Labels six-fold to 13 stores across 3 states.  These forward thinking stores reach 1 million people, are within driving distance of 9 million DC metro region shoppers, and are leading a nation of 310 million people to energy and environmental savings.

We also launched our retail portal that allows stores across the country to download zip code customized energy rating labels, training materials, and more.

Savenia Labs and our partner stores have been featured on every major network. Reporters, including an Emmy award winner, from ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX told our story to millions. We’ve appeared in the Washington Post and in countless local and regional publications. Communities have tuned in to hear about us on leading regional radio news networks. Our media success has helped change the way buyers shop everywhere we go.

There is still lots of work to do: more categories, more geographies and more customers to serve…so stay tuned!

Thanks to all of our partners, stakeholders and followers for your continued support!

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Savenia Labs Launches World’s First Light Bulb Energy & Environmental Impact Rating Labels

Today we are delighted to announce the world’s first light bulb energy and environmental impact rating labels. Full press release here.

Savvy LightbulbBy bringing the power of Savenia Labs Energy Rating Labels to light bulbs, shoppers can easily see how much it costs to light their homes across different bulb technologies, before they buy, at participating retailers.

Buying light bulbs has become a complicated task with the recent introduction of new technologies.  One thing that should be easy is calculating the big energy and cost savings from switching to energy efficient bulbs. We’re here to help. Until now, comparing the total costs for 3 bulbs required 11 mathematical calculations in the aisle.   As the average home has 50 mostly energy-hungry incandescent light bulbs, shoppers stand to save thousands by switching to more efficient bulbs that use less energy and last longer.

We found that some light bulbs cost well over $100 to power and require 16 bulb changes over a standardized 15-year lighting period, while others can cost as little as $20 to run over the same period with a single bulb

Savenia Labs’ newest Energy Rating Labels make it easy to see which bulbs will cost more in electricity over time and how many bulbs you’ll need to replace over the same period. Energy costs and carbon footprints are customized by local zip code.

The labels simplify and highlight the potential cost savings between bulbs at a glance, so shoppers can consider other features important to them.

You can see the selection of Savenia Labs Energy Rated light bulbs on the shelf at participating stores throughout the Washington and Baltimore regions.  You can also review our analysis of the features, brands, and results on your smartphone.  Let us know what you think!

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Savenia Labs Expands to Potomac, Maryland

We are delighted to announce that Savenia Labs Energy Ratings are now available in Potomac, Maryland at Strosniders True Value Hardware Store.  This is our 3rd store in Maryland and builds on our successful launches late last year in Bethesda and Silver Spring.  Here is the full press release.

Potomac, Maryland is a town of great natural beauty including Great Falls National Park and the historic C&O Canal.   Local residents live and play in this natural environment, and can now shop for more energy efficient products and save money on energy costs, while reducing pollution due to electricity production.

Strosniders Potomac is all about great customer service, and by providing Savenia Labs Energy Ratings they are giving customers a unique public service to go with their full line of small appliances and housewares.

Please join us in welcoming Strosniders Potomac to the Savenia Labs network.  They are offering $5 off on all Savenia Labs Energy Rated products (coupon here) so why not stop in to see the display…let us know what you think!

Single Cup vs. Classic Coffeemaker Throwdown

With single cup (Keurig type) coffeemaker sales growing rapidly, we are often asked about the energy efficiency of these machines vs. standard drip coffeemakers. Many people have a 10-12 cup drip coffeemaker at home and we wanted to see if they could save energy / money moving to a single serve unit. We did some exploratory work with the Bosch Tassimo TAS6515, and while not representative of the whole category, it’s an interesting starting point for the discussion.

Our initial results showed that brewing around 8 cups of coffee per day with the Tassimo used about the same amount of energy as brewing a full 10-12 cup pot with the average coffeemaker we tested. The most efficient drip coffeemakers brewed a pot using the energy of 4 cups, while the least efficient always-on hot water varieties were much more energy hungry.

If you drink a full 12 cup pot of coffee every day and have an average drip coffeemaker – you’d use less energy by sticking with it. If you drink less than around 8 cups a day, you would probably save energy by switching to the Tassimo.

Of course energy use is not the whole story here. The single serve coffeemakers also produce waste in the form of used cups / cartridges…some of which can be recycled or re-used. On the other hand – they make coffee much faster, don’t leave coffee sitting around and provide other drink options like tea, hot chocolate.

We look forward to testing the entire category soon and presenting the whole story. Do you have a single serve coffeemaker…how do you like it?


Happy Earthday from Savenia Labs

Earth Day sure looks a lot different today than when we started Savenia Labs 3 years ago. There is now a much larger and growing community of people, organizations, and companies involved. And awareness of environmental issues continues to spread across all age groups.

All the while the sustainability winds are blowing harder in the retail world. Large retailers like Walmart have launched sustainability scorecards at the supplier level and other programs to procure better products, reduce costs, and strengthen their connection with valuable shoppers. The impact of these activities is occuring at all levels of the supply chain, from product manufacturers to parts and service suppliers.

Savenia Labs is perfectly positionned to help. After a stunning launch in Strosniders True Value Hardware stores (video), we are ramping up lab testing and expansion plans in more stores. By next Earth Day, we hope to multiply the number of smiling shoppers using Energy Rating labels to save money.

Thanks so much to all of our partners and stakeholders for the help and advice.

We will be on the National Mall over the weekend participating in the activities – hope to see you there!

Why not join the conversation and follow along as we scale the energy efficiency mountain – follow us on Facebook to stay in touch at if you LIKE.


New Launch: Breakthrough for Consumers!

Savenia Labs Energy Ratings Reveal the True Cost of Operating your Appliances. Now available exclusively at Strosniders Bethesda and Silver Spring.  Don’t buy a coffeemaker, toaster oven or microwave oven until you compare energy costs from Savenia Labs.

Today Savenia Labs is revolutionizing the way consumers shop for their most popular electronic kitchen appliances. We are unveiling Savenia Labs Energy Ratings, which for the first time allows shoppers to compare the lifetime energy costs of running microwaves, coffee makers and toaster ovens. It’s like MPG (Miles Per Gallon) for your appliances: the ratings give consumers the information they need to save cash and energy when shopping for appliances.

Many appliances cost more to run in energy costs than their purchase price. We found that the most energy hungry coffeemakers cost over $500 to run over a 5-year lifetime, while the energy saving models cost around $30. Now consumers can access this new energy cost information before they buy.

Since 2009, a team of scientists and researchers working with Savenia Labs has perfected our 10-step process of independently testing popular appliances to determine each model’s energy usage. Independent is key here, because up to now most energy rating systems were based on manufacturer provided information.  The result is a Savenia Labs Energy Rating—an easy-to-read store label now available exclusively in Strosniders True Value Hardware Stores in Bethesda and Silver Spring, MD. We are teaming up with Strosniders because they have great customer service, a wide selection of small appliances and really care about helping customers get acquainted with this groundbreaking ratings system.

As the first certified B (benefit) corporation in Bethesda, we aim to transform the way people think about buying products.  When you buy an energy saving product, you save money, and you also do a good deed for the environment by reducing power plant air pollution.  Manufacturers will respond with better products, magnifying savings.

We hope you get a chance to go into Strosniders True Value in Bethesda and Silver Spring to see how Savenia Labs makes shopping for energy saving products easy.  Please let us know what you think!

Savenia Labs Becomes First Bethesda-Based Certified B Corporation

Savenia Labs has become the first Bethesda-based Certified B (Benefit) Corporation, joining the community of companies that meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. B Lab (, a non-profit national certifying organization recognized by the State of MD has certified Savenia Labs’ public benefit status after conducting a rigorous audit of our business processes and practices.

By helping individuals and businesses learn more about the energy usage of household products before they buy, we’re helping them save money.  We’re also helping them save energy and reduce harmful pollution.  As consumers change their buying behavior, manufacturers will design more efficient products that save even more.

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation.  In just over three years, there are already over 425 Certified B Corporations from over 50 industries, representing $2 billion in collective revenues and $6.5 billion in capital under management. The performance standards set by B Lab are comprehensive and transparent,  measuring a company’s impact on its employees, suppliers, community, and the environment.  Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment.

To access your public benefit from Savenia Labs in advance of our fall launch, follow us on Facebook to win a new Energy Rated appliance – or read our blog where you can get our newest research ‘Straight from the Lab’.

Coffee Maker Cash Contest!

Does it cost more to buy or run a coffee maker?

That’s the question we’re throwing to you.  Having tested the most popular 10-12 cup drip coffee makers sold in the United States, we know the energy costs to run them for the average consumer.  Having talked to hundreds of people who own coffee makers, we also know that most people plan to keep them for about 5 years.  So after 5 years of using your coffee maker and paying for electricity to power it, how much of the purchase price (MSRP) does your coffee maker’s energy bill make up? For example, if your coffeemaker costs $20 to run over 5 years and costs $100 to buy, you would guess 20%.

If you think you might know, then enter our contest on Facebook.  Like us and then tell us your guess.  Or you can tweet us @SaveniaLabs to enter.  The person who comes closest to the actual percentage for the average coffee maker among the top 20 sold in the US wins a Savenia Labs rated appliance. Be sure to follow Savenia Labs this fall as we introduce our revolutionary Energy Ratings.