VideoBlog: Our Next Contest Winner, Susan the Convection Connoisseur

As we recently reported, over a 10m time period convection bake and regular bake on a toaster oven use about the same amount of energy.  That means our winner came closest to guessing a difference between the two of 0%.  We got guesses all over the map – from convection saving energy on the magnitude of 50% to using more energy by 80%.  Susan came the closest and took home the prize of a brand new Savenia Labs rated Toaster Oven….from Strosniders of course!

Don’t forget to enter our newest contest: Of the 20 most popular 10-12 cup coffee makers sold in the US, how much of the MSRP does the average coffeemaker cost in energy usage over its 5 yr. lifetime?  If you guess right a Savenia Labs rated Coffeemaker could be in your future.