US Photovoltaics Inc. Partners with Savenia

uspv_logoToday we are delighted to announce the signing of a referral agreement with US Photovoltaics Inc. (USPV). USPV is one of the nation’s leading Solar Renewable Energy Certificate aggregators and provides brokerage services to homeowners with solar systems across the mid-Atlantic. You can see the full release here.

Effective immediately, this agreement allows the customers of USPV to utilize Savenia’s proprietary Solar Ratings to capture and communicate the value of solar when selling their homes.

“Savenia provides a much needed service for our solar customers in the process of selling their homes”, said Fred Ugast, President of USPV, adding “Solar is a great resource but the real estate and appraisal industries have been slow to recognize the savings and revenues a solar system adds to a property. Many homeowners struggle to quantify and explain the financial and other benefits of solar to potential buyers. Savenia provides the solution”

John Jabara, Founder of Savenia, stated: “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with a forward thinking partner like USPV, a Maryland based innovator in the solar industry with a sharp focus on excellent customer service”.

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