Savenia Rates White House Solar System

imagesToday we proudly rated the solar system recently installed on The White House rooftop. After meeting with the US Department of Energy about our innovative new Savenia Solar Ratings, we are able to award the White House our coveted Savenia Solar Gold Rating.

The White House installed a 6.3kW solar system, and we estimate the system value at almost $27,000. In addition, we estimate the system will earn up to another $43,000 over the next 15 years through energy production plus renewable energy certificates minus expenses.

This system gets a Savenia Gold Rating because of the high return on investment for someone looking to move into this house….whoever that will be in 2017.

We are providing a copy of the Savenia Rating here for the White House to display to the public.

Savenia helps homeowners, Realtors, builders and renovators unlock the value of home efficiency upgrades.

Savenia Rates one of Largest Residential Solar Installations in Maryland


BC8380315 - Solar PanelsSavenia was delighted to recently rate the solar installation at a beautiful home for sale at 1212 Bernoudy Road in White Hall, Maryland.

In what we understand to be one of the largest residential solar installations in the state of Maryland – the home has 88 panels producing some 22kW of electricity. Our Savenia Solar Rating shows that the system itself is worth upwards of $126,000, and could earn up to $155,000 over the next 15 years for the new buyer. This system earned a Savenia Gold rating due to its high return for the new home buyer.

“This is a uniquely beautiful home on 15+ peaceful acres with countryside views, structurally insulated panels and geothermal throughout in addition to one of the largest residential solar systems in Maryland” said Heidi Krauss from Krauss Real Property Brokerage. “Savenia makes it easy to explain the benefits of solar so prospective buyers can see the full value of this truly magnificent home”.

Savenia helps homeowners, Realtors, builders and renovators unlock the value of efficiency upgrades.