Savenia’s World First Spotlight and Floodlight Labels Make Savings Easy

Savvy LightbulbToday we are delighted to announce the world’s first light bulb energy and environmental impact rating labels for floodlights and spotlights. Full press release here.

By bringing the power of Savenia Labs Energy Rating Labels to these high energy bulbs, shoppers can easily see how much it costs to light their homes across different bulb technologies, before they buy, at participating retailers.

Studies show fewer than 20% of the spot- and floodlights sold today are LEDs. With prices lower than ever, why haven’t consumers made the switch?

Buying light bulbs has become complicated.  One thing that should be easy is calculating the big energy and cost savings from switching to energy efficient bulbs. Savenia Labs can help. Until now, comparing the total costs for 3 bulbs required 11 mathematical calculations in the aisle.  As the average home has 50 mostly energy-hungry incandescent light bulbs, shoppers stand to save thousands by switching to more efficient bulbs that use less energy and last longer.

We found that some floodlight bulbs cost over $160 to power and require 8 bulb changes over a standardized 15-year lighting period, while others can cost as little as $40 to run over the same period with a single bulb.

Savenia Labs’ newest Energy Rating Labels make it easy to see which bulbs will cost more in electricity over time and how many bulbs you’ll need to replace over the same period. Energy costs and carbon footprints are customized by local zip code.

The labels simplify and highlight the potential cost savings between bulbs at a glance, so shoppers can consider other features important to them.

You can see the selection of Savenia Labs Energy Rated light bulbs on the shelf at participating stores throughout the Washington DC and Baltimore regions.  You can also review our analysis of the features, brands, and results on your smartphone.  Let us know what you think!

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