Savenia Labs Wins Maryland Incubator Company of the Year


We’re delighted to announce that Savenia Labs was awarded Maryland Incubator Company of the Year in the Best Environment / Energy Company category, a prize that acknowledges Maryland’s best performers from the state’s extensive network of business incubators. Press release is here.

PrintFounded in the Bethesda Green incubator, Savenia Labs’ has revolutionized shopping with innovative energy ratings outlining appliance lifetime energy costs and environmental impact.

“We accept this award with great appreciation for the support we have received from the local community, including Bethesda Green, University of Maryland, Strosniders Hardware, A Few Cool Hardware Stores, Twins Ace Hardware, Cohn-Reznick and many other partners, advisors and advocates” said John Jabara, founder of Savenia Labs. “We have many more developments in store to fulfill our mission of transforming the way people think about choosing products”.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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Savenia Labs Launches Enterprise Subscription Service

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of Savenia Enterprise, a new subscription service to the Savenia proprietary energy ratings database for enterprise customers. The full press release is here. We are delighted to be working with The Universities at Shady Grove to bring the benefits of the Savenia system to this highly regarded higher education enterprise.
Enterprise customers are an important 2nd channel in Savenia’s mission to change the way individuals and organizations think about choosing products to make better purchasing decisions.  While Retail represents large sellers, Enterprise customers represent large buyers, large energy users and large populations of on-site consumers. Enterprises purchase and maintain thousands of products each year across various locations.
Savenia Energy Ratings provide an easy way for enterprises to decide which products to buy to maximize savings and minimize environmental impacts. Savenia Energy Rating Labels and associated materials can be used to communicate the importance of company sustainability efforts across the organization and to external stakeholders.
We look forward to working with The Universities at Shady Grove to further their industry leading sustainability initiatives and help them realize reductions in energy costs and associated environmental impact, while driving sustainability education on and off campus to students, staff and stakeholders.
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Savenia Labs Launches First ‘HYDRO’ Washing Machine & Dishwasher Energy Rating Labels

We are delighted to announce today the launch of Savenia Labs ‘HYDRO’ Energy Rating Labels on large appliances.  Full release is here. These labels are the first of their kind to report both lifetime water use and energy cost, customized by zip code region anywhere in the US.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 5.48.59 AMWater is increasingly viewed as one of our nations most valuable natural resources. Whether due to the realities of water scarcity in the west, or concerns about water quality in the east, people are looking for more information to make better decisions. Savenia Labs can help.

Most people might be surprised to know that for washing machines, we found water costs can run 3-4x higher than energy costs, so buying water efficient units saves both money and the environment.

The thirstiest washing machine we rated used 140,000 gallons of water, the equivalent of 14 swimming pools of water over its 11 year lifetime at a water cost of $1,650 (Potomac, MD), while the most water efficient unit of the same size used only 1/3 that amount. But up to now it has been difficult to compare water use across products in the same category at the time of purchase. Savenia Labs HYDRO Energy Rating Labels solve this problem by providing both water use AND energy use by product at a glance, so buyers can make better decisions.

The ratings are currently available to enterprise customers, and will be made available to appliance retailers and consumers in fall 2013.  In the meantime, consumers can sign-up for information on the Savenia Hydro program here.