Power Outlet Hoarding in the DC Region

As the power blackout continues, the sight of thousands of people sitting on floors huddled around power outlets in malls, restaurants, and office building lobbies got us thinking about our new dependance on electricity.  And this dependance is forecast to increase, with more people, more gadgets per person and the growing importance of electric powered vehicles.  This new demand will require more power plants – mostly coal / natural gas until more renewable energy comes on line and we know what happens to air pollution when we burn things for energy.  Assuming you can’t get off the grid (entirely), maybe it’s time for some new thinking.  We think knowing how much electricity something is likely to use over its lifetime before you buy it is more important than ever.  And we plan on covering more and more product categories so you can get this information BEFORE you buy so you can shop smart.  Check for participating retailers or go online with your smartphone at www.savenialabs.com for more information.

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