Savenia Labs Launches First ‘GEO’ Air Conditioner Energy Rating Labels



Today Savenia Labs unveiled the first ever location-specific energy rating labels for room air conditioners. Savenia Labs’ new ‘GEO’ Energy Rating Labels report zip code specific lifetime energy costs for room air conditioners anywhere in the US. Now available at participating retail stores, shoppers can see how much it will cost to run an air conditioner before they buy – with data specific to local energy costs, environmental impact and regional usage patterns.

Since lifetime energy costs can greatly exceed purchase prices, these new labels revolutionize air conditioner shopping by magnifying customer savings.

“Energy Rating Labels must be highly relevant to local shoppers to be helpful,” said John Jabara, Founder of Savenia Labs. “The same room air conditioner that costs $500 to run in electricity costs over its 9 year lifetime in Chicago will cost over $3,000 in a hotter climate like Key West, Florida. Now shoppers can get this localized information on the shelf next to the price tag for easy comparison, and save hundreds of dollars by shopping smart.”

Participating retailers that displayed the Savenia Labs Energy Rating Labels last fall experienced dramatic increases in appliance sales and customer satisfaction, while consumers benefited from energy efficiency information that helped them save money.

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Savenia Labs Launches First Dehumidifier Energy Rating Labels

We are delighted to announce today the launch of the first dehumidifer Energy Rating Labels, now available in participating retail stores.

After trying to buy a dehumidifier for a damp basement and wading through the confusing size and energy recommendations – we decided to dramatically simplify the buying process for everyone else. Now shopping for dehumidifers with Savenia Labs is easy as 1-2-3. Choose the size you need based on the square footage of your basement, go to a participating Savenia retailer or our smartphone site and compare the models, and start saving money. We were surprised by what we found. Dehumidifers that cost $100’s to buy can cost $1000’s to run over their lifetime.

Now you can know…BEFORE you buy. The launch press release can be found here.

During the humid summer months millions of households use dehumidifiers, and now there’s a simpler way to buy energy saving models with information right on the store shelf. All Savenia Labs Energy Rating Labels are customized for energy costs and carbon footprint based on store zip codes. Participating retailers can download localized labels and print them in the store.

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Still more Energy Ratings to come so keep checking in with us and follow along on Facebook.

Power Outlet Hoarding in the DC Region

As the power blackout continues, the sight of thousands of people sitting on floors huddled around power outlets in malls, restaurants, and office building lobbies got us thinking about our new dependance on electricity.  And this dependance is forecast to increase, with more people, more gadgets per person and the growing importance of electric powered vehicles.  This new demand will require more power plants – mostly coal / natural gas until more renewable energy comes on line and we know what happens to air pollution when we burn things for energy.  Assuming you can’t get off the grid (entirely), maybe it’s time for some new thinking.  We think knowing how much electricity something is likely to use over its lifetime before you buy it is more important than ever.  And we plan on covering more and more product categories so you can get this information BEFORE you buy so you can shop smart.  Check for participating retailers or go online with your smartphone at for more information.