$3.5m Halloween Porch Lights – Now That’s Scary!

$3.5 million. That’s how much we estimate Americans who still use traditional bulbs will spend tonight from 6-9pm on their incandescent porch lights for trick-or-treaters. The power plants that produce this electricity will fill 350,000 gasoline tanker trucks with air pollution over this 3 hour period. If Americans switched to CFL lights the numbers drop by 75%, and the bulbs last 8x longer. Now that’s a real treat for Halloween!

Addendum November 2 2011

After this post we received a number of questions, comments from consumers who had problems with CFL lights breaking before the end of their advertised life. We did some research on this and found that all Energy Star qualified light bulbs are required to offer a manufacturer warranty of 2 years to consumers. (For more information click here: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=cfls.pr_cfls_warranty). You may need to keep your receipt to take advantage of these warranties – contact your retailer or the manufacturer for details.

Prices for more efficient light bulbs have fallen dramatically over the past few years so you can now get a CFL for under $2 each (for a 60 watt equivalent).


Why People Buy Coffeemakers in the Fall

It’s that time of year again…fall appliance sales have begun and for some reason people buy more coffeemakers during fall months. But why? It would seem that people drink coffee all year round. So why do sales spike in Fall? Savenia Labs research into small appliances and interviews with thousands of consumers may provide a clue.

The vast majority of people (80%) purchase coffee makers because their last unit broke. Another 20% want more features – time for an upgrade. And while 70% bought their home coffee makers, another 20% got them as a gift. So the answer could be simple – gift givers are gearing up for the holiday season and colder weather causes coffee drinkers to brew up more often – leading to more broken machines.

So as we enter the coffee maker season, where are you going to buy your new coffee maker? Over 80% of our survey respondents told us they buy them in retail stores – vs. 15% online. If you’re in the market, Strosniders True Value Hardware in Bethesda and Silver Spring has a sale on all Savenia Labs Energy Rated appliances including coffeemakers, toaster ovens and microwaves now through October 31st (see flyer here). These are the only stores in the world where you can find out and compare how much it costs to power these appliances BEFORE you buy. Don’t get stuck with the unit that costs $500 to operate because you didn’t know. To find a store near you go to www.savenialabs.com.