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About Savenia Labs

Who We Are

Savenia Labs is an independent testing laboratory and information services company that provides energy and environmental impact ratings for popular appliances, electrical products and homes. We produce information labels and ratings so individuals and businesses can choose energy saving and environmentally friendly alternatives while shopping.


Our Story / History

In 2009 founder John Jabara thought it strange that there was no energy usage or environmental impact information on the vast majority of the world’s most popular electrical appliance categories.  He decided to start a company to provide some answers. Derived from the words Saving and Energy, Savenia was born.  Based on years of scientific research, Savenia perfected its methodology in the laboratory with a team of leading engineers and scientists. 


Today, Savenia Labs provides the world's first and only independent lab tested energy and environmental impact ratings in several appliance categories to help individuals and businesses make more informed decisions about the products they buy.